Vinni Alfonso

MEDIUM: Acrylic, Alternative Media

AREA OF INTEREST:  Entrenched Psychology




Vinni Alfonso's work is a walk through a psychological landscape of sorts. His current body of work is a cerebral look at humanity through a lens of vintage Erotica. The outsourced images Alfonso uses serve mostly as compositional guidelines for him then to manipulate and shift. The shift is made via aesthetic decisions concerned with pattern, color, texture; A vibration that occurs by directly responding and conversing with the physical and compositional elements of the source image. 

Not always erotic in nature, the whole of the work comes from a painters’ perspective and prides itself on, the muck that is, the paint itself. A visual and guttural experience induced by the shifts of thick and thin, cool and warm, soft and light moving into dark and textured. These physical properties of the paint itself are the way Alfonso enforces a story in his work.Vinni Alfonso lives and works in Denver, Co. He received his BFA with an emphasis in painting from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2012