Neighborhood: Denver

Address: Pop-up

Hours: Tarra works with local shops and organizations to create unique, seasonal pop-ups and events

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This one is for the smart girls, design geeks, the artists and the right brainers who have a fire in their belly to do something more.

TARRA is a community of “Women Who Create”—architects, graphic designers, furniture makers, woodworkers, blacksmiths, artists, weavers, printmakers, artisans and crafts(wo)men who are innovating and elevating their craft. 

We’re placing women at the center of the conversation by highlighting creatives around the world who are breaking barriers, creating new paradigms and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in design. 

Born from an acute awareness of the gender gap in the design industry, our goal is dislodge the ongoing imbalance by harnessing the collective strength of the women we represent. 

By creating an open platform where “Women Who Create” can network, collaborate, find inspiration, and learn about the experience of design as career—we can help cultivate a more diverse demographic throughout the creative community and champion a new perspective on the built environment.

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