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MEDIUM: Oil painting, Mixed Media

AREA OF INTEREST: Sexuality, Power, and Beatuty



"Subversive in nature, the intention of my work is to offer a critical look at our cultural perspectives on sex and sensuality and the impact of learned belief systems. Through this lens I depict the beauty of human sexuality while introducing an element of tension. Current works portray nude figures painted on tar and wood; designs depicting male and female sex organs, painted in gold pigment and India ink on paper; multimedia installations depicting sexual organs and the connection of the sexes; as well as paintings and murals representing the sexes as plants."


I was born and raised just west of Denver, in Golden Colorado. After graduating from Golden High School, I was accepted to the University of Denver with a scholarship to the DU School of Art and Arts History (SAAH) Studio Arts Program. I studied abroad in Florence Italy at Studio Arts Centers International, and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2007, with an emphasis in painting and art history. 

From 2007- 2016 my focus was raising a family. During this time I pursued a career as a professional labor doula and lactation educator. Supporting families from conception to postpartum taught me a lot about the complex nature of humanity, the science of all things birth related, and the sensitivities of the female perspective in their most vulnerable experiences.     

Learning about and witnessing the physical, psychological, and biological experiences that a person and a family go through changed dramatically the type of art I wanted to create. 
April of 2016 I separated form my long time partner, who is the father of my children. This was a painful and challenging process that has propelled me to brush all the mundane to the wind and pursue my passion like my life depends on it. This for me is art and humanity. 

Apart from creating art and supporting my children, I work as the Business Administrator, and self titled Manager of Chaos & Entropy at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.