Richard Ray Ingersoll

MEDIUM: Oil painting

AREA OF INTEREST: Feminine presence, phycological archetypes, sci-fi




Richard Ray Ingersoll is an artist based in Denver, Colorado. From a young age he was always expressing an interest in scifi/fantasy stories and lore as well as all the insanity and amazing things the world of comic books has to offer. While he has been making art since before he can remember, it was these things in combination with a gift of revelation
In 2010 that sparked the need to pursue art in a more professional kind of focus. In college he started taking an interest in human behavioral sciences and especially was interested in Jungian psychology. He felt a resonance with the psychological archetypes that Jung described with certain types of characters that you see appear in story after story. Richard decided to explore his mind as one might explore or decipher a dream through making these archetypes apart of his artwork. The main archetype being that of the anima. The feminine presence in a male's mind and a key component in reaching what Jung called individuation and what some might call enlightenment or reaching the truest form of oneself. These are the concepts that act as fuel for his inspiration as they are limitless qualities of human existence nested in the limitless human psyche.  



"The easiest way for me to explore these deep psychological concepts through my art is really much less complicated than actually explaining what they are. I just have fun and fully enjoy doing what I'm doing and try to think as little as possible about any end goals or any message I want to convey. I just trust that when I finish a piece the story and information I stand for will be present."