Ray Chang

MEDIUM: Film, Video, Wood

AREA OF INTEREST:  Film Production




In our continually progressing world, almost all types of entertainment or art forms can be digitally created or digitized. There are many conveniences and creative solutions to be had with this. I've seen many beautiful things created with computers that utterly inspire me, but I do believe there is a different quality and type of intimacy that can only be had when dealing with something more tactile.

My work deals with the handcrafted and it comes from my love of tangible objects. I have a fascination with learning how things work in the analog world and have a love for old machines and robots, which might be why my creations are usually mechanical by nature. There is an almost totemic quality to holding something in my hands and stop-motion animating it. By animating my objects, I am able to inject life into them and in the process I learn about my creations in a way no other person can.
From the subtle joint creaks to the little surface imperfections, I find it all. They become my strange little friends as if telling me what they want to say to the world, so I do my best to help.