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Sad Magic 

Sad Magic is a deeply personal investigation into the dilemma of existence and meaning. Reconciling viscera and is-ness, Daniel Granitto's painted works seek to excavate the truth in both place and self. Vibrant palettes of color and classical mark making amplify the artworks transcendence of time and decay. These places feel like memories, dismantled and reconstructed over and over again; losing sight of reality, but never escaping it...



Crooked Timber

Crooked Timber confronts the relationship between human beings and the Earth; deconstructing the paradoxes between self and place. Brian Napier's sculptural works draw parallels between natural objects and societal growth. The making of these objects is a disruption of the natural processes which the work examines. And in this way, the exhibition space serves as an open casket to what once was; reflecting on death, time, and debris....