It All Started with Sneakers: A Studio Visit with Broderick Lundie

Written by Micah Forester |  


(Denver CO) With only two years of professional photography under his belt, Broderick Lundie has established a unique aesthetic and a keen eye. After ramping up his sneaker collection and sharing his photos on Instagram, Lundie discovered a passion for photography and never looked back. Developing a Denver-centric style focused on the interplay of architecture and light, it is no surprise that this Colorado native will “always call this city home.”

“Photography is more like painting than people realize. It’s more about creating than just capturing..."

His photos capture the mood of Denver streets, navigating between its vibrancy and solitude. “For me, it’s all about the vibes,” says Lundie, “you can tell a big difference between my photos based on my mood, the music I’m listening to, or the streets I’m on.” His work conveys an honest intimacy foiled against the magnitude of Denver’s structures. It prompts a feeling of vulnerability amongst the sublimity of the surrounding world. He explains that his best work occurs when he’s in a good flow, feeling the interaction between the city and the self. “Photography is more like painting than people realize. It’s more about creating than just capturing. I see what an image will be, what it can be, ahead of time.”

Lundie recognizes that it’s time to push himself and gain more traction in the art scene in Denver. He plans to launch his artistic website later this month, will begin producing prints of his work and hopes to find a future in galleries and more studio time where he can style and photograph fashion shoots.

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