Extra Vitamins: How local artists are blurring the lines between galleries & Studio space
Kyle Warfield and Julia Belamarich of Extra Vitamins

Kyle Warfield and Julia Belamarich of Extra Vitamins

Written by Curtis Tucker | wallsonstuff@gmail.com


Prints, shirts, and dad hats adorned the walls of Dateline Gallery as Extra Vitamins, (Kyle Warfield and Julia Belamarich), began their month-long creative residency in the space. The two artists collaborate on naive works that include zines, small press, and garments. This interesting new blend of design, art, and consumerism is how the pair is raising funds for their installation in the space.

During their month-long stay, the two artists plan on creating an oversized bead maze; a classic children’s toy. I personally have fond memories of playing with bead mazes at my pediatrician's office. Working on weekends throughout the month, the two plan to construct the installation and create an immersive environment at Dateline.

Extra Vitamins - Odessa Denver

“[The residency] will help with the lull in attendance that happens after a show opens”, Warfield stated. The two hope that using the gallery as a working studio will help engage viewers in their art. This is a growing trend in Denver as the real estate market fluctuates and galleries struggle to reimagine themselves amidst a trendy art scene. Allowing artists to work in the space can create new energy and yield interesting art as a byproduct.


“As a kid you’re always using your imagination and I think you're born an artist and express it in different ways.” [Kyle]
“We start with ideas and concepts in the imaginative space and as the piece comes together it definitely has the designers touch to it.” [Julia]   
Extra Vitamins - Odessa Denver
Extra Vitamins - Odessa Denver


Be sure to stop by Dateline this month to see the progress on the installation from Extra Vitamins. Their product line of zines, shirts, hats, and more is also available in limited numbers at the gallery.        

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