Lise Anthonissen

MEDIUM: Mixed media

AREA OF INTEREST: Character design



Art, art-making and stories have always been a part of Lise’s life. Growing up, her parents used to read her many children’s stories and she remembers being drawn to and inspired by the illustrations in particular. In elementary school she spent some time writing and illustrating her own short stories. Over the years she continued to draw and paint in her free time, albeit on and off.  Two years ago she made a decision to start incorporating art-practice into her life more consciously. To her, art is an avenue for play. She finds it a valuable way to explore the lighter sides of life and to challenge her own tendency to take life too seriously. She enjoys working with mixed media, including gouache paint and brightly colored paper, in the creation of whimsical human and animal characters. Currently she resides in Denver. She recently participated in two group exhibitions and occasionally does commissions.