Kristopher michael Wright

MEDIUM: Oil painting, Screen Printing, Photography

AREA OF INTEREST: Memory, Loss, Personal Mythology




Kristopher Michael Wright (b. 1991) is an American Artist, Educator, Musician, and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Based between Denver, Co & Chicago, IL, his work has been exhibited in various galleries throughout the Midwest, including Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. After immersing himself in the Chicago art scene, he returned to Colorado in 2015 to continue his career. Memory, loss, and personal mythology are the most common themes taking precedence in Wright’s practice. Working across multiple mediums, Wright investigates the interplay between the mundanity and grandeur; blurring the lines between personal myth and reality.

In addition to his studio practice, Wright has also served as an art educator, and social justice advocate; working in Chicago & Denver Public Schools as well as the Denver Art Museum's Education and Community Programming departments. Kristopher is also the CEO & Founder of; an online creative community resource serving creative professionals in Denver, Co. Odessa aims to build a more creative, connected, and inclusive community by empowering artists of all kinds with resources to inspire success, growth and collaboration.




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