Julie Ann Kitzes

MEDIUM: Mixed Media, Pen &.Ink, Digital Illustration

AREA OF INTEREST: Scientific Illustration, Animal Rights



Passionate about animals and their welfare, Julie intended on becoming a veterinarian and spent years studying animal medicine and behavioral science.  However, due to the development of a debilitating neurological condition, and six subsequent brain surgeries, she was unable to continue in the field, and instead fell back in love with her childhood dream of being an artist. Now, Julie hopes use her skills as an artist, and her incredible passion for science, to promote animal rights and educate new generations of potential veterinarians through medical illustration. Through her work, Julie also strives to give hope to others struggling with medical conditions, inspiring them to find fulfillment in spite of obstacles and pursue their dreams. 

Working in a variety of styles and mediums, Julie is an artistic chameleon and enjoys exploring and creating in an endless variety of styles, mediums, and formats. Currently studying at The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design for a B.F.A. in Illustration, Julie is ranked at the top of her program. Julie currently lives in Denver with her husband Peter and their incorrigible brother-and-sister cats, Max and Maya.