MEDIUM: Oil painting, Mixed Media

AREA OF INTEREST: Science, Technology,



Jonathan Miller graduated from the Industrial Design program at the Art Institute of Colorado in 1994. An interest in design, technology and science combined with a fascination for the influential New York art scene in the 70’s results in Jono’s vision for crafting loft art that celebrates science and technology. Jono now lives and works out of a studio in Denver’s Rino neighborhood.

'We live in an amazing time where technology is racing ahead of us at an exponential rate on many levels.  Things we thought would never exist like cell phone’s (star Trek’s “Communicator”), self-driving cars(google) and vertically landing rockets (Space X) actually exist.  We are on the cusp of some amazing things technologically and my hope is to craft art that reflects that while promoting and defending the integrity of science and the critical role it plays in our society.'