Jim Towle

MEDIUM: Mixed Media, Salvaged Material





Jim Towle is an absurd artist, who endeavors to recycle the refuse of daily living in to something other people are willing to display in their homes or places of employment. A third generation native Coloradoan, he graduated from Cherry Creek High School in 1968 when it was a little known school on the west side of Cherry Creek Dam.  A US Navy (Vietnam) veteran, he earned a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado State University in 1977.
He almost completed a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Denver, but ran off to Alaska, in 2000 for 12 years. Before declaring himself an absurd artist, he earned an income as:

  • the news director at KNAB in Burlington, Colorado;
  • a political reporter for the Colorado Statesman, the Loveland, Longmont and Canon City daily newspapers;
  • (with interruptions to work as the press secretary for two Colorado US Senate campaigns);
  • the editor of the Colorado-Wyoming Restaurant Association's (CWRA) HOST Magazine;
  • a registered lobbyist -- for the CWRA and the Colorado Dental Association.
  • the Executive Director of the Colorado Dental Association then the Alaska Dental Society (ADS).

After being fired from the ADS his dog died and his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  So he came home to Colorado in 2013 and began making absurd art. He lives with his muse (the most wonderful woman in the entire world), her cats, one dog and a lot absurd art in various stages of creation. He has voted in every election, municipal, state and federal since 1972.