Jeremy Grant

MEDIUM: Collage, Sculpture

AREA OF INTEREST: Maximalism, Mixed Media, Found Object



Jeremy Grant is an emerging artist and award-winning graphic designer. He was born in California in 1985. He studied Graphic Design and Illustration at John Brown University. Grant has exhibited his collage and assemblage work regularly across Colorado since 2008. An active member of local arts communities, Jeremy has been invited to participate in numerous group shows, donated art to charity, and been awarded a PPAC micro-grant. His work explores themes of destruction & creation, death & resurrection, chaos & familiarity. Jeremy Grant currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

' I collect objects that have been discarded by someone else. They interest me for some reason or another, and by salvaging them, I give them significance: this is how my process begins.

 Once I have gathered my materials, I often destroy them. I deconstruct furniture. I pound metal flat and slice photographs into tiny strips. I have reduced a wood cabinet to a pile of cubes. In destroying something, I find its base element. My goal is to decontextualize an object; to remove the most obvious, familiar associations and let the character and quality of the materials come through.

 After I have broken down my materials, I bring them back together, pairing them with new items that eventually become assembled pieces of art, creating new life from the destruction. In this process I am both making and finding meaning. I sketch, read, and think about where I want to take the work, and where the work is taking me.

 As I begin to discover and build meaning into my work, I bring in found objects that I have not destroyed. A photograph, a toy, or a plaque may carry some associations that speak stories to me and allow me to reflect my own emotions and philosophy in the work.

 My process of art-making mirrors my own emotional and philosophical journey to seek and memorialize meaning. The finished pieces are both an expression of my own journey and an invitation for viewers to find meaning in their own experiences.'

You can soon find Jeremy in his studio at Jubilee Roasting Co. - a cool, up-and-coming place that is in the middle of renovating a space to have 6 artist studio spaces, a shop, coffee roaster, meeting space and coffee house.