MEDIUM: Photography

AREA OF INTEREST: Portrait, Music, Event



"I began writing songs and performing at 17. If I wasn’t practicing or playing out then I was documenting the scene through still, video, and audio recording. These pursuits were instrumental to everything that followed, but when the music faded I wasn't holding a camera anymore. Nearly a decade passed before I made another picture." -Glenn

"I was at a recording session a world away from home. It might have been the musicians and the spirit of making a record that was so inspiring, but I began making photographs again. After the session I wandered around the snow-covered city with my camera, into a beautiful unknown.

Ever since that trip I have continued to view the world through a lens. From my beginnings in documentary work to my current focus in portrait and editorial photography, the journey has never been a straight line. Worldwide publishing and solo exhibitions - including one for which I received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts - have been significant milestones along a path that has always led me to the right place."

Publications and Clients:
The New York Times, Gibson Guitars, VICE, Stax Records, BMW, National Public Radio, Strings Magazine, KOKO London, The Chicago Tribune, On Broadway, The Guardian, Thomastik-Infeld Vienna…