Garrett Suydam

MEDIUM: Oil painting, Drawing

AREA OF INTEREST: Physical States, Existentialism



Garrett Suydam (b. 1987) is fascinated by people. His work, whether a figure study of our physical being or the existential examination of who we are and our place in the world, is a constant exploration of humanity. Working and living in Denver, Garrett follows these explorations with a variety of tools: figure studies with live models, paintings, and community created/destroyed projects. You can see Garrett’s work, and his handy work at Denver Art Society co-op (734 Santa Fe Drive). If you wait until 2018, he’ll have an installation at the Denver Public Library. Or, you can draw with him at his weekly Sunday life drawing class.

Upcoming Projects:

  • “Denver Stories” a 3 year, community engaging project, collecting the unheard stories of Denver. In conjunction with the Denver Public Library
  • HAUS Fashion Magazine (coming 2017), Art Director.