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Travis Hetman: Throwing the Fight

  • The Source 3350 Brighton Boulevard Denver, CO, 80216 United States (map)

About The Artist

Travis Hetman currently lives and works in Denver.

Through drawing, painting, and installation work, Travis’s art touches on themes of space, time, and an endless frolic between meaning and meaninglessness.

On Throwing the Fight

I built mountains on top of climb,
Sent good sleep to weep,
Told hope you’re never gonna make it,
And wrapped nothing as yours to keep.

I made fight give up,
I killed sin!
Could it be you have not yet heard of it,
I even made losing win!

I rope-a-doped and tricked up Truth,
Folded the good and the bad,
Danced wrong moves and bit the tooth,
I’m so quick I put a smile on sad!

I laid a decision on might,
Woke up the night,
Quieted sound and called the round,
It’s a joy to throw your fight!

Bet on the world and throw your fight!
One more round! Joy to another round!

- Thus Spoke Zarathustra Ali

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