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Ray-Mart #6

  • Dateline 3004 Larimer Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

Ray-Mart will arrive for the first time in Colorado and will be opening two pop-up locations. We invite you to participate in this immersive experience of installations by the artist and team. RSVP is encouraged for a chance to win fabulous prizes!!!

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 6 and 13th, 2017 - Ray-Mart has made it official: the alien satirical store will be opening two popup locations on Friday, Oct 6th at DATELINE and Friday the 13th at The Temple in Denver for the first time. It has been over 5 years since the last show in Denver by founder Ray Young Chu.

The first opening of Ray-Mart (#6) will be at DATELINE planned to be open for the first 24 hours starting Friday, Oct 6, 2017 at 5pm. The previous chronological Ray-Marts (#1-5) were all opened in Los Angeles. At DATELINE, there will be a strong theme on dinosaurs. The venue will be selling Ray Young Chu Dinosaur Art including: Dino DJ, Dino Haircuts, Dino Surfers, Dinobots, Dino Laser Cat Cone, Reading Dinosnug, Baby Dinosnug and more. It will be intermingled with lizards, other bizarre items and products from Apothecanna, the all natural cannabis lotion. This installation will be up till October 15th, 2017 only. Please contact DATELINE for appointment / admission info. 

Ray-Mart is a living art sculpture. It organically changes as people walk into the installation. The store grows as it interacts. Customers get the emotions, smells, tastes, sounds and visuals of each Ray-Mart. It is an immersive interactive experience feeding from its surroundings and giving to all the senses.  

To describe Ray-Mart, it is like a North meets South Korean swap meet mixed with a Christian Thrift and bong store found in space. It is a human gift shop for aliens. Every single item is for sale including the shelfs and for "the right price, not the cheapest price" you can purchase the whole installation. It's not a convenient store but rather an inconvenient store. There may be many questions. They may or may not be answered. Also featuring the soundtrack of Ray-Mart. What does a store play for aliens who like human auditory art? This is the soundtrack of Ray-Mart.