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Pandemonium: New Works by E. L. Brujo

  • DATELINE 3004 Larimer Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

Opening Reception: Friday May 5, 2017 | 7-11PM

As of 2003 the E.ternal L.uminant Brujo has prowled the lower echelon of Denver's art scene with utter shenanigans of oldowan occultism.
Despised by many and understood by few, he has widened the gap of the dark rift allowing the current to permeate and destroy our current Technocratic constructs comprising the status quo. In due time this flux will rapidly accelerate the human nervous system beyond the psychic censor into the event horizon.

'This new body of work spans time taken exploring and communing with pan-dimensional influence of anti-cosmic proportion. Pan the otherewise known and feared, is not what he has been portrayed by conventional culture but simply is and always has been nature or chaos {kao.} Nature in its many forms is an erratic scalar wave of energy frequency that consciously manifests in our time field. Mostly, it is unknown enabling fear the unrecognized pattern. Once understood, it no longer leaves discord upon impression but impails in all directions, leaving the whole {you} susceptible to all waves of possibility.'