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What are the Wild Waves Saying: New Works by Zak Rose and Kyle Seis

  • Dateline 3004 Larimer Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

Dateline presents What are the Wild Waves Saying featuring new works by Zak Rose and Kyle Seis. Both artists are interested in pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a photograph and do so in playful and meaningful ways. Zak's works take the very personal feeling of isolation that often draws a photographer to the medium and glitches/modifies street photographs to create harmony and balance in a world he feels has little of either. Kyle's investigations in light, space, shape, and form echo Zak's work aesthetically but move further into abstraction, at times being very sculptural and present and then soothing and almost elusive at others.

Artists Reception April 8 6-11PM

Kyle Seis

Intuitive play with abstraction and the surface of photographic imagery lie at the core of my current practice. My work draws parallels between visual experience and the natural world, both of which are dependent on light and time. These elements are distorted to push images into new perceptual territory and welcome a flexible understanding of matter. Flatbed scanners and post production software are important tools; the internal movement of a scanner is not unlike the duration of a sunset and pixels are not unlike dust particles.

Things are disassembled and rearranged.
Perspective shifts.
Two objects cast the same shadow.
Images develop from the inside out.

Kyle Seis earned his BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2014, and is the recipient of a Mary L. Nohl Fellowship for Individual Artists and a Midwest Society for Photographic Education Scholarship. His work has been shown in galleries and institutions such as the Milwaukee Art Museum, INOVA, the Museum of Wisconsin Art, Dean Jensen Gallery, Filter Photo Space, Skylab Gallery, Neon Heater Gallery, NOISE, and Osnova Gallery. In addition to his personal studio practice, Seis runs Chamber, an alternative art space, out of his basement in Milwaukee and organizes Carpool, a series of weekend long collaborative residencies/exhibitions in the Midwest, with Eileen Rae Walsh.

Zak Rose

My artwork was spawned from the desire to create the perfect internal landscape, separate from the anxiety that can arise from isolation in densely populated areas, like cities. The quantity of imagery here, inspired by the mass proliferation of imagery on internet, and print based media, is a response, or acknowledgement of the growing pains of being an artist in the digital age. The rainbow in many cases is a kitschy representation of happiness or bliss, among other things. In the context of this series: gradients, scenic imagery, and vibrant colors, become a thin padding for the hyper-mundane. Making this work brings about a sense of control in a world I feel I have very little. By distorting, and creating shapes with my photographs in a forcefully colorful way, this process becomes a way in which I re-contextualize and reassemble happenings in my life to create my very own rainbow of the mind.

Zak Alexander Rose (b. 1992) is an artist based in the greater Denver area. His work explores more mundane, philosophical concepts, that deal with the coping relationship of being a person in an ever-changing reality. He is interested in exploring the parameters of photography, and trying to push the idea of what a photograph is. He received a BFA in photography from the Lesley College of Art and Design in 2014. Aside from art, Zak spends his days taking care of his cat Parmesan.