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Filthy Rainbow

  • Core Art Space 900 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO, 80204 United States (map)

Lisa Corine von Koch, also known as the Baroness Elsa von, makes her Denver debut with this colorful and expressive body of work at Core New Art Space on September 30th, 2016. As a Ceremonial Documenter who fully inhabits the work she creates, Lisa blurs the lines between art and life, fluidly toying with identity and ritual, performance and visual art. She believes whole-heartedly in doing it in the real world, beginning her drawings beyond the edge of cliffs, at the tops of mountains, on the dance floor, and completing them in The Eclipse, her studio sanctuary. She creates images that celebrate her Tribe of dirtbag saints/seekers, BASE jumpers, highliners, yogis, dancers, and fantastic animals in a luminous and rugged landscape. 

Filthy Rainbow - Lisa Corine von Koch

The Filthy Rainbow is the culmination of 2 years of artistic expression, including ink paintings, small sculptures, and performance art from the Moab artist who defines herself as a "cosmic nun". The expression represents Lisa's compulsion to follow the voice of The Muse who guides her divine and creative journey. She has dedicated herself to this sacred voice; eschewing current artistic and societal norms in favor of The Muse's visual demands.
This body of work expresses Lisa's fascination with the rejection and acceptance of social mores pertaining to spiritual and emotional growth: the exchange of spiritual ideals as we age, and the "trading up" of childlike like beliefs for more socially acceptable adult convictions. Her color palette, expressive ink work, and lively surfaces engage the viewer and create a visual environment that is both shocking and absorbing.
The Filthy Rainbow originates in Lisa's desire to be part of a group that refuses identification, and as she describes it, a group of people who will forgo the niceties of current culture on their journey of self-discovery at the expense of creature comforts and occasionally hygiene. The full dedication of oneself to channeling cosmic energy is a fundamental part of Lisa's work and existence. Despite her isolation as an artist, she seeks out likeminded creators in the community.
Lisa is a native of Moab, Utah living and working in Denver. She holds a BFA from the University of Utah and an MFA from Arizona State University. She currently teaches drawing courses at Metropolitan State University in Denver. Lisa devotes herself to a significant daily practice of yoga and meditation learned from yogis in India to inform her artistic endeavors. She maintains her studio, The Eclipse in the Hale-Belleview neighborhood of Denver.