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The Tells

  • Svper Ordinary 3350 Brighton Blvd. #120 Denver, Co (map)

Svper Ordinary is pleased to present, "The Tells"; a joint exhibition featuring works by Jaime Molina and Wes Sam-Bruce.

About Jaime Molina

Working initially with printmaking then moving into painting and, in recent years, sculpture, Jaime Molina tells tales of characters that, to varying degrees, represent his family and friends. They also portray people and their habits in general – a loose play on our own existence. His work has a fascinating narrative to it. This world he has created continues to become larger, and with his more recent sculptural works, the characters he’s created are moving into the dimensional realm. Built out of anything and everything at hand, they echo traditional folk techniques and ideas, with a modern twist.

About Wes Sam-Bruce

Wes Sam-Bruce is best known for his audacious, exploratory, and story-soaked sculptural installations. Like entering an undiscovered world or abandoned home, these installations act as living metaphors to prompt physical engagement and conjure emotional connections with the viewer. Ranging from vast, village-like installations in museums and poetically charged 2D work in galleries, to the small act of making a poem or photo alone at the river, his work investigates the human experience.


Opening Reception

November 12th, 2016
Artists will be in attendance