Emilie Luckett

MEDIUM: Embroidery

AREA OF INTEREST: Art Therapy, Nature, Relationships, 



Emilie Luckett is a Colorado based artist who, growing up, experimented creating art with anything she could get her hands on. Whether it be comic making, crafting, illustrating, or a multitude of other things, she used art as a way to help understand her emotions and the world around her. Emilie started her career as a working artist the beginning of her senior year of high school. She opened her online store, Starlight Spirit, where she sold embroidery art centered around pop culture. Being only a beginner in the vast world that is fiber art, she soon realized she had a strong passion for embroidering. She wondered how she could push the limits of this well known craft, and turn it into fine art. 

Since that realization in early 2015 embroidery has been Emilie's medium of choice. She uses this therapeutic art form as a way to process her feelings and reflect on her day to day life. Her artwork focus on her growth as a person and the troubles she faces. She also finds inspiration from the people in her life and nature. Emilie is also the co-owner of a Denver based small press distribution company named Far Out Zines, created September 2015. Their goal is to help other creators get their work out to a larger audience and make the zine community larger.