Elizabeth Grant

MEDIUM: Writing

AREA OF INTEREST: Nonfiction Essays, Memoir, and Short Stories



Elizabeth Charlotte Grant received a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing from Wheaton College, IL, in 2009 and has been writing and publishing since that time. Professionally, she has worked as an editor, communicator, and grant writer with organizations such as Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs, Compassion International, and the Navigators, and personally, she has published work online and in print in the Curator Magazine, On Faith, Mama Liberada, PopMatters, and Neutrons Protons. She also frequently speaks to groups of women about a variety of topics (motherhood, spirituality, and storytelling). She is currently writing a literary memoir about the difficult, beautiful, and spiritual journey through which she and her husband met, fell in love, and eventually married. She lives in Denver with her husband and their two children.

Elizabeth writes primarily nonfiction essays, memoir, and short stories, delighting to find the bizarre and true in ordinary experiences. She is a lifelong learner, and she often discovers stories through researching one of the varied topics that interest her. From childbirth, marine biology, history, and abnormal psychology to ancient spirituality and outer space, each of these are topics she has explored in her most recent writings. Her work is often experimental and mimics collage in its form, while also focusing on creating a narrative through unusual means (such as storytelling through lists). 

Published at On Faith: Click to read more. 

Published at On Faith: Click to read more. 


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