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Donte Janae

MEDIUM:  Oil paint, Wood Panel, and Canvas

AREA OF INTEREST: Color, Human Anatomy




'I am a Denver Native. I have always drawn since I can remember, I did not pursue art until I attended college. I have a BA in studio art from the University of Colorado Boulder. My main medium is oil paint and I usually prefer wood panel or canvas. I have been painting for 4 years. This is actually my first year really making art my career and so far, it has been a blast!

My inspirations originate from photos, personal memories, or current events. I see or think of an idea that sparks light into my mind and I sit on that idea until I grasp a full concept around what I want to paint. I really enjoy exploring the human anatomy within my work, specifically women, and portraits of people or characters. I really try to create a range of colors and try to challenge myself with every painting.'