Dennis wright

MEDIUM: Oil Painting, Pen and Ink

AREA OF INTEREST: Abstract Painting, Illustration




Dennis Wright is a Colorado native, and currently lives and works in Denver and is a resident artist at Converge Denver, in the RiNo Art District. He graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1987. He is commissioned by many art collectors in Denver and around the country. He does performance art for many non-profits and donates his art and proceeds to the those groups. He has had exhibitions at ArtNetwork 2010, Performance art at RAW Denver Jett Hotel February 2011, Elohim Barah Gallery 2012, Tru Showcase Denver 2013, Live Performance Art Confluence Denver 2013, Live Performance Art Converge Denver 2013 and the Denver Art Museum in 2015 to name a few. Dennis is also the founder of Visceral Marketing Group, a Marketing and Brand development company.

“When I paint, I don’t like to render. I can… I choose not to. I know that when my hands lead by instinct and emotion, the result is led by faith, not design.“