Daniel granitto

MEDIUM: Oil painting

AREA OF INTEREST: Landscape, memory, the human experience




Daniel Granitto, BFA '14, is a Denver Native who just moved back to the area after spending five and a half years living, working, and attending SAIC In Chicago, Il. 

Daniel's work addresses time and our understanding of space through the, often, flawed lens of our own memory. Daniel works primarily in series to express the spectrum of human experience; analyzing and re-analyzing how one's understanding of a single subject or place may change and broaden with color, focus, light, size, material, and time.

"When I paint these places, I tend to think more about how it felt to be there at that time, rather than how I know it actually looked. Stripping these places of their realness is what allows me to escape the precious sentimentality of painting and reckon with larger topics."