Arturo Garcia.jpg



MEDIUM: Oil painting

AREA OF INTEREST: Wildlife, Portraits, Cultural History



Arturo Garcia (Jalisco, 1974) is a Full time artist. His love for color give his style a unique perspective on both the subject and his media of preference which is applying oil color on canvas with palette knives leaving as result an exciting combination of abstract within the figure. His paintings are in different galleries in the Denver area as well as in Mexico. His style is classified by art scholars as Modern Fauvist Representational Art (figurativismo Fauvista moderno). Although the artist, being self-thought, prefers to keep it simple and just call it modern art.

His love for animals and nature has given the artist a subject to create upon; among his collections, he has a series of paintings on Colorado Wildlife but he also finds a lot of fun painting portraits, capturing through the eyes of his subjects, the core of the human soul.

In the last two-and- a-half years Arturo Garcia has been working on a series of wildlife animals using only pallet knives to apply thick oil layers of contrasting colors. The strokes are fierce and fearless but carefully chosen to reflect value and the natural shades of life without being obvious to the eye. The exploiting mixture of warm and cold colors is what makes Arturo’s work unique and distinctive. To him, his work is fun and it brings him back to his elementary years when he filled his own drawings with markers and crayons with random colors at the amazement of his teachers. In years of using a pallet knife as his preferred art tool to create, he has developed a kind of mastery and it becomes evident as you get acquainted with his work. Garcia’s love for wildlife and animals in general give him a natural drive to create beautiful and exquisite pieces where his contemporary style bring his subjects to life, thus bringing a feeling of fulfillment to the spectator.