annie aqua

MEDIUM: Oil painting, digitally altered photography

FIELD OF STUDY: Studio Art w/ Minor in Anthropology




Annie is a recent graduate of Scripps College, where she majored in Studio Art and minored in Anthropology. Since returning to Denver she has become more involved in the curation and business aspect of the art world, working as co-curator at Helikon Gallery in RiNo and attempting to navigate the city’s thriving art scene. In addition to visual art, Annie teaches violin and plays with multiple bands in Denver.

Continuing a project that began as her senior thesis in 2014, her personal work focuses on freeways, exploring the ways in which they function as public or private spaces in between the city and the suburbs, and how they are experienced in time and space. These structures, immediately recognized as iconic and everlasting elements of the suburban American landscape, are taken as a jumping-off point for processes of de-familiarization and disorientation. The artist’s own intervention seeks to deconstruct a societal structure and propose alternate trajectories of experience and understanding.