Andrea Slusarski

MEDIUM: Pen, Pencil, Water Color, Acrylic

AREA OF INTEREST: Landscapes, Nature




Andrea Slusarski is an art educator and artist based in Denver, Colorado. Growing up in her father's woodworking shop, she learned at a very young age that she needed to create. Her love of the outdoors and the simple beauty in natural wood, are what continue to inspire this creativity. 

"Most people are on the world, not in it." -John Muir

“Painters understand nature & love her & teach us to see.” - Vincent Van Gogh, in letters to Theo

There is a simplicity in natural wood. Whether observing a cut log, board, or final product, the texture offers the image of life once found in a living tree. By connecting the once living board with the images and colors of the wilderness, each artwork is a connection to nature itself. A naturemension is a space where simplicity and nature combine to offer new ways to view our world.