Alto gallery


Neighborhood: Berkley

Address: 4345 W 41st Avenue Denver, Co.

Hours: Thursday - Saturday 12-7pm

Social: @altogallery

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Contemporary fine art gallery in Denver's Berkley neighborhood owned and operated by Birdseed Collective.

Alto Gallery opened i February 2016 in the Berkley neighborhood of Denver,CO. "Alto" means "high" in Spanish, and it's a reference not only to our "Mile High" locale, but to the heights for which we strive. While considering a long list of names, Alto was undergoing extensive remodeling that exposed our beautiful, high barreled wood ceiling . Altogether, the name fit.      

In addition to being a traditional art gallery, Alto is the visual arts headquarters for Birdseed Collective, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that services Denver's urban community through arts, entrepreneurship, and food drive programs. One such program is called 1of1 Magazine, and it's a local publication dedicated to highlighting and promoting Denver metro's fantastic visual arts community through reviews, interviews, q + a's, and extensive event photography. 

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