Allie Beckmann

MEDIUM: The Human Body

AREA OF INTEREST: Performance Art, Music, Visual Art, Interactive/Immersive/ Experiential Art




In the deepest spaces of Allie’s heart lie music, the arts, and yoga.  She’s been singing and playing a variety of instruments since she was a tot and also danced as a child and adolescent.  She received her BA of Theatre Arts from Illinois Wesleyan in 2010 where she focused her degree largely on acting, singing, directing, and sociology.  Over the last 10 years of studying, traveling, and working in the theatre, Allie has realized that the audience’s experience and active involvement means more to her than anything else.  With this in mind, she has turned her sights away from traditional theatre (for now?) and is developing an immersive, experiential, “interactive mind space.”  Within this space she hopes to not only stimulate people viscerally, mentally, and energetically in unique and exciting ways, but she also hopes to encourage empowerment and curiosity in her users by giving them a playground in which they have the freedom to choose their own experience.

Allie also has a deeply rooted passion for yoga and the work of art that is our human body and mind.   Whether through art or through yoga, or a combination of the two, Allie strives to cultivate and nurture individual, authentic expression through awareness, communication, and acceptance of oneself and of others.  Allie strives to use her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and holistic health to influence the experience her users have in her art, and she uses her creativity to enhance the experience her yogis have on their mats. No art or medium is off limits for Allie.  She thrives on collaboration, risk, and the transformational power of creation.